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Please take a few moments to read some of the letters we've recieved from happy custiomers over the years:

October 21, 2010

Dear Jim,

I want to thank you again for fitting me with my new Starkey hearing aids. It is great to be able to hear and understand what people and the television are saying again.

When I first came into your office, I was very skeptical that you would be able to provide a solution to my lack pf understanding everyone's talking to me. Over the past three years I made eighteen visits to my former hearing aid specialist for adjustments to the hearing aids she had sold me. Despite all of these adjustments, I was never fully satisfied with my ability to hear and understand conversations. I was so frustrated with those hearing aids, that I refused to wear them any longer. Needless to say, my husband also became frustrated because I often did not hear what he was saying, or I would have the television volume turned up very loud so that I could enjoy it.

My husband finally convinced me to go to a different hearing aid specialist. He made an appointment at the Mainland Hearing Aid Center and I was fortunate to meet you. After giving me a thorough hearing evaluation, you assured me that you could "fix" my hearing problem. Based upon my prior experience, I was very skeptical about spending a significant amount of money for new hearing aids. My husband convinced me to take the thirty day free trial, as I had nothing to lose by doing so. I am so glad that I listened to both you and my husband - I can hear again.

Again, thank you for your very friendly, and professional service.


Pauline S. Margerison


To Just say "ThankYou" seems so inadequate to express my appreciation for what you have done for me. It's amazing what you learn to live with. I was deprived of my hearing for a long, long time, due to my own Stupidity - choosing a hearing aid place closer to my home (which is no longer there).

I feel God guided me back to Richard, who got me to hear again. Every where I go, I hear nothing but compliments on my hearing (How Wonderful)! The Dentist receptionist.,...The Doctor's office....I asked my Chiropractor if I responded to her instructions better, her answer was "ABSOLUTELY". What a pleasure to hold a conversation with my friends.

A-To hear my Chime Clock
B- To hear the chimes on my Grandfather clock
C- To hear the Buzzer on my stove
D- To hear the Buzzer on my clothes dryer

Can you imagine not hearing all these things?? What a blessing, I could go on and on forever.

I'm sure ifs a Great feeling for you Richard to know you helped change someones' life.

Your business is Hearing Aids, but you're a loving Caring person (With a Big heart) you care about people!



Dottie Hanlon

August 12, 2009

Dear Jim,

A few years ago I when it became necessary for me to use hearing aids I made inquiries of a number of providers including, the Cape May County Hearing Aid Dispensary, regarding products and services.

The decision was easy after meeting you, since your sensitivity, personality and knowledge immediately put me at ease.

I have been in the Real Estate Business for fifty years, currently in Avalon New Jersey. Having served as President of the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors and named State Realtor of the Year I know the value of professional service

Jim, for me you have been that professional, your staff is outstanding. When adjustments or service was required you have always been there, not something readily available with other providers.

I would recommend and encourage anyone uncertain about where to go for this very personal service to
put their confidence in Cape May County Hearing Aid Dispensary.

Frank K Capone
Wildwood, NJ

January 28,2010

Dear Richard. & James

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how my new Starkey Destiny hearing aids are working out. As you know, I have been wearing these aids for a little over three months. I had worn my previous aids for over six years and had always been satisfied with their performance.

After wearing these new aids I realize just how much more advanced these ones are in comparison to my previous aids. I wear these aids most of the day as the reception is so natural that I sometimes forget that they are in my ears. I especially like the way that they adjust to changes in noise levels and automatically change when I am on the telephone. I never used to wear my old aids to work because it was impossible to use the telephone without all the feedback from the cheap phones there. There are no such problems with these new aids.

My sincere thanks for taking the time to fit these aids and get them programmed for my use. I had no idea how much I was missing before hand. Simply put, these things are GREAT!

Don Miller
Wildwood Crest, NJ

Mr. Richard Saad

Rich, I submitted a Spout Off to CMC Herald that appeared on December 6,2010, in which I stated my complete satisfaction with my new Hearing Aids.

The article read as follows:

To all my Friends, Family and Co workers, If you are wondering why I don't look at you strange any more when you speak to me, is because I have discovered a New and Amazing Invention. In canal, invisible Hearing Aids. The Hearing Aids have changed my life completely right down to hearing my Dog's nails on the hardwood floors.

Thanks again Rich,

Edward Taylor
Cape May Courthouse

Sept. 18, 2009

Att: Mr. Richard Saad

Dear Rick:

You shared several letters with us that you received from very satisfied customers that purchased the Starkey "Destiny" hearing aids and we would like to add to your "collection"!

During this past summer, Denver asked me questions such as: "Is that the sound of the refrigerator running?" Or, "Is that the sound of the little floor fan when it is on • Or, I never heard the sound that a hummingbird makes quite like this before!!" These are some of the examples of the changes that Denver had and is experiencing because of these hearing aids. He has even gone so far as to say: "I hear too much now!!"

My being able to speak in a normal tone of voice without having to repeat everything is fantastic! As I told you before, saying "the house is on fire" three times just didn't cut it!

Denver continues to enjoy every minute of his new found "companions" and we definitely made the right choice in coming to you and in purchasing the Starkey "Destiny" hearing aids. We would like to comment also on the way you "conduct" your business. The location and ease of making appointments is great as well as all phases of the final product!

Please feel free to share this letter with anyone and once again, Denver is a very satisfied customer and user.

Thank you again and take care!


Denver & Judy Davidson

September 9, 2008

Dear Mr. Saad,

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Starkey Destiny 1200. I'm now wearing these hearing aids up to eighteen hours per day. They have improved my hearing tremendously. It's a pleasure to be able hear again all of the things that have slowly disappeared from my life. It's also a comfort to know that I can hear emergency warnings from police, fire and other vehicles while driving. I find it interesting that very often I get into bed at night and find that I have to get up again to remove the aids. They have become that much of a part of my life that I no longer know they're there. I believe that I could not any longer, get along without them.

I also wanted you to know that I was very pleased with the way you conducted my initial hearing, and physical examination. I was impressed by the fact that you did not simply just sell me a hearing aid but rather took the time and effort to recommend that I visit Dr. Syed for a medical evaluation. You put my health ahead of making an easy Dollar.

I am very happy with the Destiny hearing aids and the care that you provided to me. I expect that you and I will have a long and happy relationship as we move ahead in life and you continue to provide service to. my hearing needs. Thank you again.


James K. Aumack
Cape May, NJ

Dear Rick,

Since you fitted me with my first hearing aids 4 years ago you know that I have been a reluctant wearer and have not been totally happy with the results. We have gone through numerous remakes, fittings, and adjustments and still they were never quite right. In fact, I had taken to wearing them as little as possible because they didn't seem to be helping that much.

Then my brother, who also wears hearing aids, told me that he had gotten new ones that were pretty amazing. About the same time you said you had a new hearing aid that I should try. It turns out you were both talking about the Starkey Destiny hearing aids. Both your description and that from my brother made them sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread. It sounded too good to be true and, though skeptical, I decided to take you up on your offer to try them for a month. Well, after a couple of adjustments, they have turned out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. They are everything you and my brother said they would be. They are comfortable to wear and the hearing improvement is beautiful. I can see why you say they make your job easier by having something this good to offer to your clients. Thank you so much for putting me on to these and tell your other clients that the Starkey hearing aids have my heartiest endorsement. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to wear hearing aids. In fact I already have recommended them to one of my colleagues. Thanks again for all your help and for your patience in finally getting me something that works.


David T. Buzza
Egg Harbor City NJ

July 2008

Dear Richard,

I thank you for all the hard work you did helping me hear again. I share my story
for all who are apprehensive and unsure about wearing hearing aids for the first time.

I wanted the TV louder than all others in the room, "huh" became a regular word
in my vocabulary, and I thought my friends and family often mumbled instead of
speaking clearly. At the prompting of my friends and family I went and had a hearing
test. The results showed a moderate hearing loss in one ear and a moderate to severe loss
in the other ear. The loss was in the "high frequency" range; the "low frequency" range
was normal. It was clear -1 needed hearing aids.

I went home and started to research hearing aids. I found there were four types of
hearing aids. Because of my very active life style and with some vanity mix in, I wanted
the CIC's (completely in the canal) hearing aids. Now the problem starts. The first
audiologist I spoke to said NO to the CIC's. They were not for my type of hearing loss.
According to her I needed OTE (over the ear) hearing aids. I did not find that acceptable.

I then went to a second dispenser and was basically told the same thing. I would
not be happy with CIC aids. Because of my type of hearing loss, the CIC would cause
occlusion. This meant that when I talked it would sound as if I had my fingers in my ears.
She would not sell me CIC's. She also pushed OTE (over the ears). I left her office as
"not a happy camper"

After a week of oscillating between the OTE type and maybe no hearing aids at
all (after all I could hear, people just had to talk a little louder) I decided to try one last
dispenser. I call Cape May County Hearing Aid Dispensary and Richard answered the
phone. I told him my story and he said, "I want to talk to you, I think I can help". I made
an appointment, I wanted to listen.

Richard explained to me that CIC's could be vented and that would eliminate the
occlusion. However he also told me that the CIC type of aid is a very complex
instruments and therefore the hardest type to get use. It would take time to make custom
adjustments. It would, most likely, take several trips back into the office for these
adjustment. He would work we me if I would (be) patient and work with him.

I put my trust in Richard. True to his word, he worked with me and over the next
several weeks. I would call and say I needed to come in because of this or that and they
squeezed me in right away for an appointment When I arrived he listened to what I said
and asked a few question then make the needed adjustments. He was always pleasant,
patient and courteous - a true professional!

I now comfortably wear "Completely in The Canal" hearing aids and this was
only possible because Richard was willing to take the time when others would not I not
only got my hearing back but I made a friend along the way.

Thank you Richard for caring,

Wendy Kinnear

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